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Sale Date is January 27, 2024

  20623025     DOB 9/27/22
BW 74, Adj WW 700, Adj YW 982   (Lot 6)
GAR Dual Threat has been one of the top AI sires out of the Gardner program this year. The dam of this bull is a daughter to the Cox Rita Y05C Donner at Rimrock Production. This bull has the look and the numbers. This bull gives you both calving ease and growth without any compromise on the carcass traits. This bull is a standout and is in the top 1 percent $C and top 2% $B.

20191381      DOB 11/14/21
BW 75, Adj WW 626, Adj YW 885
This is a bull out of the proven Fireball sire that cannot be denied his ability to produce marbling and carcass traits. The Dam for this bull continues to breed to the first found of AI year after year and she also brings some balance to this bull with efficiency and intake improvements. Top 20% Calving ease, and top 10% for Marb, $G, $B, and $C

20329746     DOB 1/29/22
BW 82, Adj WW 580
This bull is stamped by fireball with good calving ease, growth and carcass. Top 10% of the bread in Calving ease, Marbling, $B and $C. Top 5% for $G.

Angus Bulls for sale 

Angus Bulls for sale 

112 final.jpg

Sold $7000

Selling 1-20-23
Best of the West Bull Sale, Dallas TX

JBBF Fireball 0112:  20061056  DOB 11/11/2020

This bull leads the pack with exceptional growth, carcass and maternal traits.  Fireball as been one on the most proven sires with a high demand for the female progeny and the caucus minded terminal user and this Fireball son should carry on those some grate attributes.   Top 1% Marb, $G,$B and $C.  $C is a 395

115 final.jpg

Sold $6000

Selling 1-20-23
Best of the West Bull Sale, Dallas Tx

JBBF Fireball 0115: 20061060, DOB 11/12/2020
This is a two year old bull that is ready to go to work for you now.  This bull is a breed leader in the top 1% of the Angus breed.  This bull is Sired by GB Fireball 672, Fireball is continuing to be a bread leader.  The dam is  Hoffman Henrietta Pride From the Rimrock Donor Program.  Top 1% marbling, $G, $B, $C.   Has top 15% for weaning weight and to 10% for Yearling  while still maintaining the top 10% for Calving ease.   Call to view this bull on the farm 318-458-6921


Sold $4700

Selling 1-21-23
Louisiana Angus Bull Sale,  Kinder, LA

Rister Greater Good 9923: 20182074, DOB 09/28/21

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