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About Our Farm

Rister Farms is a name that has only been around since 2006.  However, this farm has been in operations for four generations on the same property located in Frierson, LA.  Throughout the years this farm has been your typical small Louisiana commercial cattle farm.  Our marketing plan went not much further than which sale barn should we head to.  In Recent years we concluded that if we were not going to scale large enough to market a pot load of calves every year then the commercial cattle business was not going to be very profitable moving forward.   So in 2018 we purchased our first Registered Angus heifers and started relearning the cattle business.  In the current year we are marketing our first bulls and as the heard grows we hope start marketing heifers with our superior Angus Genetics.   As many farms have embraced we had a pleasant interruption during COVID that allowed us the opportunity to start to market Beef direct to the consumer.  The Beef sales throughout 2021 have surpassed the income from any sales in genetics or seed stock so we will see what direction holds on for the future direction of the farm.

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